3 Things You Must Know Before Buying Protein Powder

Protein powder is a nutrition supplement designed to improve your diet, retain and build muscle mass, boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite + cravings. You could however be doing yourself a disservice by not using the right type or in the right way.
Let’s take a look at a few things you need to know before you introduce protein powder to your daily meal plan.

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The Different Types of Protein

Protein powder can be placed into one of three categories; Concentrates, Isolates and Hydrolyzed/Hydrolysates.
Each category contains a various level of protein and can also be made up of fat, carbs and minerals.
These differences can affect the processing of protein by the body.

Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein Vs Plant Based Protein

While whey and casein protein comes from milk, our plant based protein is obtained from a blend of pea and rice proteins.
The main difference between whey and casein is that whey promotes muscle growth, is naturally loaded with BCAAs ( Branched-Chain Amino Acids) and is easily digestible. Casein however doesn’t have as much of an effect on muscle building however it is a great source of BCAAs and glutamine which helps prevent muscle deterioration and digests at a slower rate.
Plant based protein powders are perfect for building and toning muscle, weight loss and muscle repair. Our plant based protein powder contains probiotics, vitamin B12 and vitamin D2 to promote gut health, digestion, immunity and bone health.

Assess Your Goal and Functionality

Protein powder isn’t a miracle cure for weight loss or muscle building. You need to combine diet with exercise to maintain healthy results.
The introduction of protein powder to your overall goal plan requires an assessment of your level of exercise, lifestyle habits and other food consumption.

It is important to remember that whatever your goal is, balance is key.
Choosing the right type of protein powder to match your exercise habits and dietary intake will make a huge difference in obtaining your goals.

Inline Nutrition stocks a range of protein powders for muscle building, muscle repair and weight loss so head over to our online store and take a look at our range.

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