5 Game Changing Protein Powder Hacks

There are times in our lives where we can barely find time to think let alone meal prep or monitor our protein intake so we have come up with a range of protein powder hacks that will make life easier!

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5 Game Changing Protein Powder Hacks

Portioning Your Protein Powder

If you enjoy a shake every day but would prefer not to carry all of your equipment such as a shaker, protein powder, measuring spoons and water with you to work, the gym or to special events, the answer may lie in the prep.

Portion the required amount of protein powder into small bags or containers and place inside your shaker. 

Then when you are out, all you need to do is find a water source. 

Keep Your Cool! 

Picture this – you prepare your shake every morning to have after your workout but by the time you get to it, it is warm and not very pleasant. 

Solution – Combine 50% water with 50% ice, add protein powder and give a good shake. By the time you are ready to consume, the ice would have melted but it is still cool and refreshing!

Always Forgetting Your Shaker?

Forgetting to bring your shaker (or forgetting to clean it) can be a major issue and any other method of mixing your protein shake would get messy. 

All you really need is a small resealable bag, your measured protein powder and two tablespoons of water.

Add the protein powder and water to the resealable bag, close it fully and gently massage the bag to combine the ingredients into a smooth paste. Then when you are out and about, stir the paste into your choice of liquid or food and viola! 

Be Prepared! 

If you can prepare an emergency kit for natural disasters, or keep a first aid kit in the car, you can prepare for this!

Don’t get caught short – stash sample packs in your car, handbag or work locker. The trick will be remembering to restock them when you have raided your stash! 

Bulk Baking

Grabbing something to eat “on the go” is usually a bad habit to have but if you were to make quick and easy snacks that contained your daily dose of protein powder, we would forgive you!

Make a large batch of muffins, protein bars, bliss balls or even a dip for carrot sticks and freeze what you won’t be needing that week. 

Next time you are on the run, grab a snack and away you go, knowing that your quick fix is a healthy choice.

There is now no excuse not to get protein into your day, you just need to use one of these protein hacks!

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