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Inline Nutrition’s Athletes & Ambassadors

A collective group of individuals around New Zealand and abroad that motivate and inspire us in everything we do. Inline Nutrition’s mission is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, so we’re deeply grateful to be a part of their incredible journeys.


Oli Chignell

NZL Runner
"My top Inline product is the batch tested Vanilla Plant Power Protein. I have it daily, usually in a quick shake following a run or gym session. My favourite combo is in a smoothie bowl with banana, avo, mixed berries, and oats."

Max Chu

Otago Cricketer
"My favourite product from the Inline range is the batch tested Vanilla Lean Whey Protein. I have it every morning in my oats, it mixes really well and tastes even better, keeping me fuelled for the day. Recovery is an afternoon smoothie, I recommend the protein with blueberries and a banana!"

Olivia Cummings

NZL Triathlete
"I have tried several protein powders in the past and this one is by far the best! As an athlete it can be really difficult to find protein that is reasonably priced and batch tested but this one ticks all boxes. The vanilla flavouring makes in easy to add to smoothies but it also tastes great by itself. Could not recommend this product enough!"

Mhairi-Bronte Duncan

NZL Curler
"Unlike other brands, the Lean Whey Protein does not irritate my gut, I believe this is due to the inclusion of probiotics and 24g of protein per serve which is backed by research to be the optimal intake. I have taken it consistently every day to support my performance. After a few months, I noticed muscle definition for the first time and reduced muscle fatigue post hard training sessions."

Isabella Lau

BFT Owner
"I love Inline’s Zesty Peach Pre-Workout for a number of reasons"
1. Its taste is the perfect balance between sweet and zesty.
2. It doesn’t leave me feeling itchy or tingly like a lot of other brands I’ve tried.
3. It gives me the boost I need for both cardio sessions and also the push needed for heavy strength sessions!
4. It mixes super well.
Highly recommend 😊"

Hayley Mackey

NZL Judo
"As a weight-cutting athlete, I rely on high-quality protein supplements to fuel my training. Inline's protein powder is batch tested and helps me meet my daily protein goals effortlessly which is crucial for my performance and health as a judoka. Supporting local businesses like Inline is a privilege. I highly recommend Inline's protein powder to anyone seeking a great supplement."

Felix McDonald

NZL Long Jump
"I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first tried Inline’s pre-workout but was pleasantly surprised. It’s a great boost to my training, whether it’s an intense gym session or jumping into the sandpit. I can always rely on it to help me perform at my best when it matters the most." 

William McLauchlan

Otago Golfer
"I use the Zesty Peach Pre-Workout before I go to the gym in the morning. It gives me a great boost but doesn’t leave me too jittery which other brands do sometimes. Highly recommend!"

Kobe Miller

NZL Rower
"As an athlete, it’s important that I perform to the best of my ability everyday to keep enhancing my rowing performance. The Inline Nutrition Pre-Workout has a delicious zesty peach flavour, filled with all the important ingredients I need to get me focused and ready for my rowing races and trainings. What’s even better is that it’s banned substance free, meaning I can fully trust this product and keep performing at my best."

Travis Ovalsen

445 Run Club Leader
"As I train for the London Marathon, having the Lean Whey protein apart of my nutrition allows me to recover/restore my muscles, but also keep my protein intake up. The vanilla whey makes it that much easier to get down as it’s a tasty flavour!"

Damien Pritchard

"I really enjoy Inline Nutrition’s Zesty Peach Pre-Workout, an all in one in terms of ingredients, and offers me great energy return, laser focus, quicker recoveries between sets and an awesome pump when I’m in the gym all without the dreaded crash some other pre workouts give. Not to mention the flavour is delicious."

Meg Rolton

445 Run Club Leader
"As someone who exercises in the mornings it’s important that I have a high quality protein powder to mix into my breakfast in the mornings after a workout. I love to use the Vanilla Whey Protein in overnight and hot oats, as well as smoothies. The flavour isn’t strong or sickly like some protein powders are, it blends in nicely and doesn’t leave any clumps or a powdery texture. I’d recommend this protein powder if you’re someone who likes to include it in your breakfasts eg oats, smoothies, pancakes or are wanting a solid reliable protein that goes with everything! "

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