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In the season of winter ills and chills – boosting your immunity is more important than ever! 

If you feel like you’re constantly battling coughs and colds throughout the colder months, your immune system might be in need of some help. Our immune system is a complicated network of body systems, and there are many things we can do to help or hinder it. New research into gut health and the gut microbiota has shown that a huge portion of our immune system actually originates in our gut, and we now know that one of the absolute BEST things we can do to increase our immunity is to improve our gut health and the diversity of our gut bacteria. Vitamin D is also known to be linked to our immune system. Our Plant Power Protein contains probiotics (for gut health) and vitamin D, making it a great combination product for improving immunity and fighting off those winter colds and flus!
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Gut Health & Immunity

In winter we are often more prone to catching coughs and colds – and if we’re really unlucky, maybe even the flu. The only thing keeping you safe from these illnesses is your own immune system. Researchers now estimate that up to ~80% of our immune system stems from our GI tract. Probiotic supplements are the most effective way to populate your gut with good bacteria, and therefore balance and diversify your microbiome.

The probiotics in our Plant Power Protein are high-quality and at a high dose that can effectively increase the number of good bacteria inside your gut. The spore-forming technology allows the bacteria to safely pass through your digestive system without being destroyed by heat or acid in your stomach. Regular supplementation of these probiotics will improve the health of your gut environment, and this will then also influence your immune system. All these things will give you a much better chance to fight off sickness or illness, and help to keep you healthy and happy all throughout the winter months!

Vitamin D and your Immune System 

What Is Vitamin D & How Is It Linked To Our Immune System?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that we usually get from our skin exposure to sunlight. However, in the colder months of winter, sunlight exposure is often limited. This means our levels of vitamin D will usually decrease in response, since most of us do not consume a significant amount of vitamin D in our diet. Vitamin D is linked to many important areas of our overall health and wellbeing – one of which is the strength of our immune system! In a very simplified description of events, active vitamin D is sent to different areas of your body that have vitamin D receptors, including your immune cells. Vitamin D acts like a switch and ‘turns on’ these cells, allowing them to fight off infection and illness.

If your levels of vitamin D drop too low, you can develop vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency can be very serious for many areas of human health, including your immunity. This problem is compounded by the fact that there is a lot more sickness going around in winter – meaning your chances of catching something are increased due to both your decreased immunity and  the increased exposure to harmful bugs.

How Can The Vitamin D In Plant Power Protein Help Me?

It is very common for New Zealanders (especially those in the South Island) to experience low vitamin D levels in winter. This is due to the serious lack of sunlight exposure our skin gets due to the cold weather. Fortunately, there is a simple way to boost your vitamin D intake and avoid these negative effects! Both our ranges of Lean (whey) Protein and Plant Power Protein contain enough vitamin D to meet 100% of the NZ adult RDI*. This means one daily serving will provide you with enough vitamin D to boost your levels and help you to avoid the negative health effects associated with low vitamin D intake! Keeping your immune system strong over winter is critical if you want to avoid getting sick – and luckily with one simple and delicious supplement you can have peace of mind that your vitamin D intake is covered.

* Please note – getting more than 100% of the RDI for vitamin D will not have negative health effects. Having more than one serving per day, or getting vitamin D from other supplements or foods on top of this is not something you need to worry about.

Combining Probiotics & Vitamin D To Fight Off Sickness

The unique combination of high-strength probiotics and vitamin D inside our Plant Power Protein makes it the perfect supplement to boost your immunity and keep it firing all throughout the year!

Rather than having to buy separate supplements and remember to take the capsules each day – try out our delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable 4-in-1 supplement. Containing probiotics, vitamin D, protein and vitamin B12, this creamy powder makes it so simple to get your daily dose of these key nutrients! Your health is your most important asset – Plant Power Protein helps to keep it safe and protected. Plus, it tastes great!! Click the button below to read more about the many benefits of this amazing product. 

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