Batch Tested Vanilla Plant Protein!

Our best selling vanilla plant-based protein powder is now batch tested! This means competitive athletes (and/or anyone who is subject to sports drug testing) can now use our delicious dairy-free protein powder with peace of mind.

Batch tested supplements are extremely important for competing athletes. It provides proof that the product is completely free of any banned substances, so athletes can know with confidence that they have nothing to worry about when they are required to complete athlete drug testing.

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More Info On Batch Testing

Are all of the plant-based proteins batch tested?

No – this is important to note! At this stage ONLY our Vanilla Plant Protein has been batch tested. The Chocolate and Caramel flavours have not been tested as of yet. In the future we hope to have all of our products batch tested, but due to the significant cost of this testing (and not wanting to increase our prices), we have chosen to start by only testing ONE of our plant protein flavours. However, all of our WHEY PROTEIN powder flavours ARE batch tested and safe for drug tested athletes. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding batch testing and/or batch certificates. 

Does this affect any other features of the product?

No, if you are not someone who requires batch tested supplements, then there is nothing at all for you to be concerned about! Our formulation has not changed, and the price has not increased. You should not notice any difference at all from the previous batch of Vanilla Plant Protein. 

Where can I get a copy of the batch testing certificate?

If you require a copy of the certificate, please send us an email to 

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Batch tested protein powders, now available in both whey and plant protein!
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