Bone Health – Vitamin D for Strong Healthy Bones

Maintaining normal vitamin D levels is essential for strong + healthy bones.

Vitamin D has many important roles inside your body. One of these roles is to keep your bones strong & healthy! Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium and phosphorus – both of which are essential minerals for bone health. Unfortunately, many of us living in New Zealand aren’t getting enough vitamin D to maintain healthy levels! Keep reading to learn more about the role vitamin D plays in keeping your bones healthy – as well as how to ensure you are getting enough to maintain healthy levels all year round.

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How Does Vitamin D Influence Bone Health?

Vitamin D is essential for strong & healthy bones! It assists with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus – both of which are important minerals needed for healthy bone structure. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D, your absorption of these minerals will decrease, which can lead to deteriorating bone strength and structure. Unhealthy weak bones are more prone to breaks and fractures, as well as being more likely to develop osteoporosis. Severe vitamin D deficiency can result in rickets for children, or osteomalacia in adults. Having strong, health bones allows us to exercise freely and have physical independence as we get older. Building and maintaining healthy bones earlier in life will have major effects on how our bone health changes as we age.  

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How Do We Get Vitamin D? 


Vitamin D naturally comes from 2 sources – our diet, and through exposing our skin to sunlight. If you live somewhere warm and sunny, chances are you get most of your vitamin D from sunlight! Direct sunlight onto bare skin (i.e. no clothing or sunscreen etc) allows our skin to create active vitamin D through a series of reactions. However, if you live somewhere where sunshine can be rare (even just in the winter months), you probably aren’t getting enough vitamin D from the sun as you need… Some foods do naturally contain vitamin D, and these days a lot of foods you find in the supermarket are actually supplemented with vitamin D too.   However it can be hard to meet your daily requirements through food alone, especially if you are unable to calculate exactly how much is in your food. If you are getting regular sunlight exposure all year round, and eating a healthy well-balanced diet you are probably getting enough vitamin D. But if either your sunlight exposure or your diet isn’t great, you might need to take a look into some other solutions. 


For many of us living in NZ, we would struggle to get enough sunlight exposure (particularly in winter months) to maintain healthy vitamin D levels. Unless you are going out of your way to consume foods that are high in vitamin D and then tracking your intake – you should probably consider adding a vitamin D supplement into your daily routine. Vitamin D supplements are widely taken throughout New Zealand, and are commonly prescribed by the doctor if you are worried about your levels. However you don’t need a prescription to get your hands on a vitamin D supplement. In fact – you can easily get your daily dose of vitamin D inside each serving of our protein powders! Both our plant-based and our whey ranges of protein contain 100% of the NZ adult RDI (recommended daily intake), meaning each serving of protein also has you covered for your daily vitamin D requirements! This makes it delicious and so simple to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D each day to stay healthy and maintain those strong healthy bones! 

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