Building Muscle – The Role Of Protein

Our muscles are made up of individual proteins – so it makes sense that to grow bigger, stronger muscles we need to be eating more protein!

Getting enough protein in your diet is one of the most important aspects of building lean, strong muscles! To fuel your work in the gym you need to pay attention to what’s going on on your plate! Getting enough good quality protein in your diet can be difficult for some people – and this is where protein powder supplements come in as a convenient & simple way to boost your intake!

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Muscle Building Increases Protein Requirements

Muscle fibres are made up of many individual proteins – so to build new muscle tissue, you will need to increase the available amount of protein in your body. Exercise, and resistance training in particular, cause damage to your muscle fibres. To repair this damage you need protein (or more specifically, amino acids) to be available as the building blocks to patch up the damaged areas. This process of muscle damage and then repair is actually how our muscles grow and get stronger! We get protein from the food we eat, all foods contain protein (even fruits and vegetables!), but some are much better sources than others. Since your protein requirements will be increasing – your protein intake also needs to increase. You can increase your intake by adjusting the foods you eat, adding more high protein foods into your diet. You can also utilise protein powder supplements as a easy and convenient way to boost your daily intake. 

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How Much Protein Should You Eat?

There are certain ways to estimate what your requirements should be, but finding the perfect amount for you and your goals may take a bit of experimenting. Most recommendations suggest aiming for an intake between 1.4 – 1.8g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight if you are wanting to gain muscle mass. So if you weigh ~80kg (80 x 1.4 = 112) or (80 x 1.8 = 144). Aiming to consume between 112 – 144 grams (approximately) each day will give you more than enough building blocks to start building bigger and stronger muscles! While it is possible to get this amount of protein from food alone – many people find that including a serving of protein powder into your daily routine is a easy way to boost your intake without having to stress about every meal and snack. 

When Are The Best Times To Eat Protein?

During a workout, your muscle fibres are damaged and sustain microscopic tears. During and after exercise blood flow is increasingly directed to these muscles and the amino acids (aka proteins) in the blood are utilised by the muscle to repair this damage. Having available protein in your body during this time is highly beneficial for muscle recovery and growth. Having a good source of protein either before or after exercise is a great way to maximise muscle growth, but the exact timing of this isn’t make or break. Ensuring you have an adequate protein intake daily that is spread as evenly as possible throughout the day is the best way to support muscle growth. Try to have a protein source in each meal and snack, to ensure your muscles have a consistent supply of fuel and building materials!  

How Can I Use Protein Powder To Help Build Muscle?

  • Try adding it as an ingredient to your meals or snacks 

Adding a scoop of protein to your meals (i.e. a breakfast smoothie or oats) to boost the protein intake is a great way to easily add an extra hit of protein to your day. You can even make protein bliss balls for snacks, make protein pancakes, and so many other recipes! Without having to add an extra meal or snack into your routine this is a super simple way to add between 18 – 24g of protein.

  • Have a protein shake between meals or after the gym

The simplest recipe of all is to simply add a scoop of protein powder into a shaker, add water and you’re done! Our great tasting formulations mix perfectly with water and taste great on their own! A protein shake is a quick and convenient way to get some protein in either at the gym, at work or while you’re on the go.

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