Boost Energy Levels & Reduce Tiredness!

Low energy levels and tiredness can be caused by vitamin B12 or D deficiency, poor digestion or gut health, and a low nutrient intake.

Having low energy levels can make life a lot more difficult than it needs to be! While we will all experience some ups and downs with our energy levels, consistently low energy levels and unexplained tiredness should not be considered ‘normal’. There are a few common causes of low energy, and luckily most of the can be easily solved!
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Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Energy Levels 

What Is Vitamin B12 & What Does It Do?

B12 is a trace vitamin that we only require tiny amounts of, but if we don’t get enough for our requirements – it can lead to a dangerous deficiency. Vitamin B12 is extremely important for a healthy body, energy levels and our nervous system, but B12 deficiency is actually one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to a range of symptoms including fatigue, weakness, forgetfulness, and tingling in the hands and feet. Sufficient levels of B12 are essential for normal red blood cell production. Without enough B12 in the body and diet, a condition known as megaloblastic anemia can occur. This form of anemia effects oxygen transport throughout the body and can result in low energy and muscle fatigue.

How Do I Get More Vitamin B12?

B12 is almost exclusively found in animal products (i.e. meat, dairy, eggs), so for people who are reducing or eliminating animal products from their diet – a B12 supplement is highly recommended. However, B12 deficiency is not limited to only those who consume a plant-based diet, many people who eat a standard diet are also discovering they have low levels. Many food products in the supermarkets are now being fortified with B12 in an attempt to increase population B12 intake – but the only reliable and measured way to ensure you are getting enough B12 to meet your requirements is to take a regular supplement. Our Plant Power Protein range contains 100% of your RDI for B12 – ensuring you are always reaching your daily requirements!

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Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Tiredness & Fatigue

Feeling tired can have many different causes – vitamin D deficiency could be one of them! Low levels of vitamin D have been commonly associated with symptoms of fatigue – but this symptom is often ignored and not recognised as an indicator of an underlying issue. Vitamin D is commonly referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – due to our bodies ability to synthesise vitamin D when our skin is exposed to natural sunlight. This natural ability to form our own vitamin D is an amazing feature, however when sunlight is limited, we often struggle to meet our requirements. In winter when we get less sun exposure, lower vitamin D levels (and therefore increased fatigue) is extremely common. Our whey and plant-based protein both contain 100% of the NZ adult RDI in each serving (but don’t worry if you get more than 100%!), which makes it easy to boost your daily intake and also lift your energy levels!

Other Healthy Tips To Boost Energy Levels! 

  • Improve your digestion

Poor digestion can leave you feeling sluggish, heavy and like you just want to lie down and not move. Improving the health of your digestive system can do wonders for increasing your energy levels and reducing feelings of fatigue and tiredness. Increasing your intake of fibre, and pre + probiotics is a great way to achieve digestion. Try to chew food and eat meals slowly, this will help prevent overeating, and also prevent you from swallowing air while eating which can cause bloating & gas.

  • Poor diet / nutrient intake  

Having a poor diet and low nutrient intake is a surefire way to decrease your natural energy levels. You may be missing out on important vitamins and minerals, which can lead to dangerous deficiencies. A poor diet may also be high in refined sugars which can wreck havoc on blood sugar levels and your energy levels when consumed in excess. Minimising processed foods and increasing intakes of whole fruits, vegetables & grains is a great way to set yourself up for optimal energy levels and reduced tiredness throughout the day.

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