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Your moods and mental health can be influenced by your gut health, vitamin D levels, and your general diet & nutrition!

When we talk about health and nutrition we are usually thinking about our physical health – but a healthy lifestyle can be just as good for your brain as it is for your body! New research is showing that our diets and the health of our body plays a major role in our mental health and influencing our moods. Gut health in particular has been strongly linked to mood management.
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How Your Mood Is Affected By Your Gut Health

What’s going on inside your gut?

It is amazing how many different body processes are being linked to the health of our gut bacteria! Studies have estimated that up to 90% of your body’s serotonin (your natural mood regulator chemical) is produced in your gut. This means that if you have poor gut health, your production of serotonin can be affected. A reduction in serotonin can result in low moods, anxiety, and other mood disorders like depression. Maintaining a healthy gut is very important for keeping moods balanced and healthy. 

How Do I Improve Gut Health & Serotonin Production?

Maintaining a healthy gut environment (and therefore a healthy serotonin production) comes down to maintaining a healthy and diverse population of gut bacteria. You can improve the population of your gut bacteria by taking probiotic supplements or foods, consuming prebiotics, and maintaining an all round healthy lifestyle. Probiotic supplements (good quality ones) are a very simple and reliable way to increase the number of good bacteria inside your gut. The probiotics inside our Plant Power Protein are high-quality & high-strength, making them perfect for improving gut health & serotonin production. 

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Vitamin D Levels Can Influence Moods

Vitamin D has been linked to mental health and mood management. Low vitamin D levels are associated with lower moods, and incidence rates of psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. Vitamin D is known to activate genes that regulate both the immune system and also release neurotransmitters (such as serotonin and dopamine). These neurotransmitters are involved in complex brain pathways that regulate mood management and stability. Vitamin D levels tend to drop significantly during the winter months as sunlight exposure decreases. Boost your levels back up with a daily vitamin D top up from both of our protein ranges (whey protein & plant protein).

Other Lifestyle Tips For Good Moods! 

  • Eat a well balanced diet containing lots of fruits & vegetables

Eating plenty of fresh fruits & veggies is one of the best things you can do for a happy and healthy body & mind! Increasing your nutrient and fibre intake will boost energy levels, improve gut health, and reduce digestive discomfort. Eating healthy has been proven to improve feelings of mental wellbeing, and it certainly won’t do you any harm!

  • Exercise your mind and body! 

Exercise is a well known natural mood booster! The endorphins that come from a workout (or a walk, run, hike etc) will always leave you feeling better than before you started. Get outside if you can, but even exercising indoors does wonders for lifting your mood. It’s also important to stimulate your brain – make time to socialise, read, or be creative! Doing something productive that you enjoy will help to increase feelings of happiness and accomplishment.

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