Muscle Recovery & Repair – The Importance of Protein

Maximising muscle recovery is an important consideration for athletes or anyone with a heavy training & exercise load.

Your muscles undergo a lot of strain and damage during a tough workout or training session – so it is important to provide them with the right fuel afterwards to maximise recovery and repair! Great recovery is what allows muscles to get bigger, stronger, and more adapted to our style of training. Proteins are the key building blocks for these repair jobs – so getting a good quality source of protein in after training is a great way to ensure you are providing your body with the best opportunity to improve!

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How To Maximise Muscle Recovery

If you’re training hard – you should also be recovering hard. If you don’t allow your muscles and body enough time and fuel to repair after training, you won’t see your best results, and your future training sessions will suffer because of it. Over training & under-recovering is a real problem for many athletes and gym goers. 

When you exercise, your muscle fibres sustain tiny tears on a microscopic level due to the force and strain exerted on them. The process of repairing these micro tears is actually what makes your muscles bigger, stronger and better! Muscles are made up of proteins, so to repair them we need to utilise the protein (more specifically amino acids) we are getting from our diet.

Without enough available amino acids (protein) in your bloodstream, your muscles are unable to repair optimally. Blood flow to your muscles is increased during and after exercise, so having these essential amino acids readily available is the key to kickstart muscle repair. To make sure your body has the right fuel and materials to maximise muscle recovery – it is important to get a good source of protein on board either before or relatively soon after training.  A high protein meal or protein shake containing a good quality protein powder are both great ways to make sure you’re hitting your protein requirements. 

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How Can Inline Protein Powders Help Your Recovery?

Our protein powders were developed with the highest quality ingredients and clean formulations in order to provide the best supplements possible for the people who care about what goes inside their body!

Our range of plant-based proteins are a powerful blend of pea and rice proteins. This blend makes our product a ‘complete protein’ source that contains all 9 essential amino acids that our body needs. This low allergen blend of proteins is perfect for anyone who is dairy-free or finds that whey proteins don’t digest well for them. Vegan friendly and soy + gluten free, this protein blend is perfect for everyone! If you’re looking for an easy to digest, highly bio-available protein source, you’ve found it! Alongside the plant protein blend, our range also includes a high-strength probiotic for gut health & digestion, as well as vitamin D & B12 for immunity, strong bones and boosted energy levels! So while you’re doing your muscles a favour and optimising recovery, you’re also looking after your whole body!  Free from added sugars, artificial flavours or sweeteners and preservatives or thickeners – there’s nothing but goodies inside this product. Clean & simple ingredients are always best for optimal muscle recovery and total body health. 


Our range of whey proteins contain whey protein isolate, a form of whey protein that is higher in protein and lower in carbs and fat than regular whey protein. This means each serving of our Lean Whey Protein is giving you more bang for your buck – and providing your muscles with as much protein as possible per serve. Our range of whey products also contain vitamin D, which helps to maintain strong bones, a healthy immune system and good energy levels. All of which are important for optimal training, as well as recovery and repair. So there’s lots of good stuff in there – but one of the most important things is what’s NOT in there! There are no added sugars, and no artificial flavours or sweeteners either. This means you know exactly what is going inside your body, no hidden nasties in the ingredients list! Our whey protein range is also Batch Tested for PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) – so you can be 100% confident that there is no contamination.

What Is The Best Way To Use Protein Powder For Muscle Recovery?

  • When are the best times for protein?

If you are aiming to maximise muscle recovery after training, the best time to focus on getting a good source of protein in is directly after your training session. This will refuel your body and make sure your body has the materials it needs to repair the tears that have occurred in your muscle fibres. Other than post-training, it is important to get a even spread of protein throughout all meals and snacks during the day. Spreading your protein intake as evenly as possible over the course of the day (i.e. a good protein source in each meal/snack, it doesn’t have to be exact in terms of grams etc) will ensure your muscles have a constant supply of amino acids to assist recovery. This will also help to keep you full and satisfied after each meal and through training sessions.

  • How much should you be having?

Protein requirements vary hugely person to person. Depending on your weight, goals, and training load – this number will change. It might take a little bit of time and trial & error to figure out the sweet spot for you as an individual. Most people who have a moderate to heavy training load and are wanting to optimise muscle recovery should aim for a minimum of 1.4g protein per kg bodyweight, and this number will be higher for athletes focusing on strength or resistance training. Protein intakes higher than 2g protein per kg bodyweight are usually much higher than needed for recovery and repair – this extra protein does not necessarily result in extra progress.

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