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Our brand ambassador Holly Robinson just won a silver medal at the Para World Championships in Dubai! We LOVE supporting NZ athletes through their training & competitions with our top-quality batch tested supplements.

Maximising muscle recovery and strength is a top priority for every high performance athlete; and having high quality + batch tested supplements is crucial for achieving the best results! Holly uses our range of Lean Whey Protein to support her diet and training by improving muscle recovery & repair. Rapid muscle recovery allows athletes to keep training hard and often!
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We interviewed Holly about her training & recovery!

Tell us about your athletics journey so far:

I was 17 when I turned up at the local athletics meet and threw a really good javelin throw which got me selected for the 2012 London Paralympics. I was so young, I didn’t know anything about nutrition or even how to train properly. I have since competed at a number of international athletic meets. I went to the 2016 Rio Paralympics and came away with a silver medal. This year I am working towards the World Para Athletics Champs in Dubai in November and then next year it’ll be Tokyo Paralympics! I would love to come home with a gold. My ultimate goal is to compete at five Paralympic Games.

How much are you training?

Most days of the week my training session lasts for about two to three hours and sometimes that’s twice a day.

So the fuel you put in your body is an extremely important factor then?

Absolutely. My nutrition and the food I consume can make or break my training week.

Why is that?

Recovery is a big factor when you’re training. If you don’t recover properly between your training sessions it can really muck you up when it comes to putting in 100 percent for each and every session.

When you talk about ‘Recovery’ – what are you referring to?

Nutrition mainly. The energy and nutrients you put back in after training to help you feel energized and ready to train again. This is where the Inline Nutrition protein powders come in. They are perfect after a big training session. I know I am getting the right fuel my body needs to help it recover and it means I’m not hungry all the time craving anything and everything that I see – which ultimately isn’t going to help me in the long run!

What is it about Inline Nutrition’s products which has kept you coming back?

I was recommended Inline through a nutritionist. A major factor for any competing athlete who is routinely drug tested is that any sort of supplement needs to be batch tested and certified to be free of any ingredients that may impact on the athlete’s performance. Inline products tick that box. I take pride in the fact that I am a clean athlete and my achievements are mine alone – through hard work, discipline and good nutrition.

What about the taste of Inline’s protein shakes? Do you like them?  

Haha! That’s the most important part! The shakes taste really good. I have a real sweat tooth and the chocolate flavor tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. The vanilla and berry are delicious too, I have all three flavours in my cupboard depending on my mood. The protein powders are also great to add to baking. I can make a pretty good bliss ball which really fill me up.

I also really like that I am using a product manufactured here in New Zealand. I know that the ingredients are all natural and sugar-free. It’s awesome to support a local business which is making such a premium world-class product.

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24g Protein per Serve – Batch Tested – Made in NZ 
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Our protein powders are designed to help you maximise muscle strength, recovery, repair & endurance!

No matter what your individual fitness goals are, we can help you get there. Whether you want to improve your strength in the gym, or like Holly, you’re on a mission for that gold medal; our products are perfectly designed to assist you and your body through it all. 

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