Why is our probiotic so special?

Our range of Plant Power Protein contains a daily dose of probiotics inside each serving. These beneficial bacteria help to improve your gut health, digestion, immunity and energy levels!

But not all probiotics are created equal – some strains of bacteria are known to have more health benefits than others, and have different survival rates once they get inside your body! Keep reading to learn more about why we think our probiotics are the best choice for a happy & healthy gut!

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What makes our probiotic different to most?

The problem with many other probiotics is…

The tiny little bacteria that live inside probiotic supplements are very sensitive little creatures. They are very easily damaged and destroyed by changes in temperature, acidity, humidity and shelf-life. This sensitivity to heat and acid in particular can cause serious problems when it comes to passing through the human digestive system. The inside of our stomach contains very strong acids, which are likely to damage or kill a large amount of the bacteria before it even has the chance to reach your gut environment. These good bacteria need stay alive in order to have the beneficial effects they are capable of; so damaged/dead bacteria will not be effective at improving your gut health. This can be really disappointing when you are spending your hard earned money on supplements – and not getting the results you were hoping for.

How does the probiotic we use overcome these issues?

The probiotic we have chosen to use inside our protein powder is called Bacillus Coagulans. This probably doesn’t mean much to 99.9% of you just yet, but we promise you, it’s really really cool! This particular strain of probiotic that we use utilises spore forming technology. Imagine the protective coating that surrounds a plant seed until spring when it can germinate and grow – the spore coating around the bacteria cell allows it to safely pass through the harsh conditions of the stomach without being damaged, and keeps the bacteria inside safe until it reaches the ideal conditions inside your intestines. This protective coating also allows the probiotic to survive harsh manufacturing conditions and applications – no matter wether you put this in the oven or the freezer, the beneficial bacteria will survive until they reach their final destination inside your gut! 

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Probiotics and Protein to Improve Gut Health, Digestion & Immunity! Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient and Affordable!
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How & Why Should You Use A Probiotic?


Our Plant Power Protein supplemented with probiotics makes it simple and convenient to get your daily probiotic dose. Since the probiotic we use can survive heat or cold conditions, the product can be used in many different applications such as smoothies, oats, baking, pancakes, raw treats, ice-cream or any other recipes you can come up with! If you prefer the simple life – a protein shake made with water and protein will still boast all the same health benefits and great taste!


Probiotics are your gut’s best friend! These beneficial bacteria have many health benefits for your whole body. If you’re dealing with digestive discomfort, bloating, constipation, low immunity, low energy or moods, dull skin and weight management – probiotics may be able to help you! 

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