The Secret Powers of Pea Protein

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a plant-based protein – pea, rice, hemp, soy, chia, pumpkin seed, sachi inchi, quinoa and more.

The source of protein is undeniably the most important ingredient inside a protein powder; so here’s why we chose our blend of pea & rice protein!
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What’s inside our Plant Power Protein?

When we were researching different options to be the base of our plant-based protein, there were a few important factors to consider. Taste, texture, protein content and affordability. Each protein powder source has positives and negatives, and depending on your individual priorities you may have a different preference to someone else. For our product range, we wanted to create a protein that was delicious, nutritious, convenient & affordable. After tasting and analysing many different protein sources – we decided on a blend of pea and rice proteins to create a complete protein blend that was high in protein, had a smooth creamy texture, and remained affordable for our customers. By blending two proteins together we created a protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids (just like the popular whey protein).

Alongside the plant protein blend – our product range also contains natural flavours & sweeteners, as well as a range of functional ingredients such as probiotics, vitamin D and vitamin B12. These additional ingredients compliment the protein blend perfectly, adding additional health benefits to the product and making sure it tastes amazing!

What are the benefits of our blend of pea + rice protein?

Taste & Texture

For me personally, the best thing about our protein blend is the taste and texture! If you’ve tried a few other plant-based proteins on the market, you may have found that they commonly have a rather grainy, chalky texture that doesn’t feel great. Our plant protein blend has a smooth & creamy texture even when just mixed with water! Rather than a chalky, gritty watery protein shake – our Plant Power Protein feels thick, creamy & luxurious; and mixes perfectly into smoothies & many other recipes!

Complete Protein Source

By mixing together pea and rice proteins – we created a complete protein source (this means it contains all 9 essential amino acids), which is not common amongst individual plant based proteins.

Feeling Fuller for Longer

Pea protein has been shown to be particularly satiating compared to other protein sources. This means that it helps you to feel fuller for longer, helping to reduce huger and snacking. This is a great benefit if you are looking at weight loss or weight management.

Allergen Free

Pea and rice proteins are a great option for so many people, since they don’t contain any common allergens. No dairy, gluten, soy or nuts which means it appeals to a wide range of consumers.


Pea and rice proteins are not only a healthy plant-based protein option, but they are affordable too! There is always a balance between price and quality, but we definitely think we managed to get the best of both worlds with these ingredients!

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A powerful blend of protein & supplements to fuel your body! Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient and Affordable!
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