The Benefits of Plant and Whey Proteins

Helping you to choose – Plant Protein or Whey Protein?

Our range of products now includes both whey protein AND plant protein. If you’re wondering about the benefits of each product range and trying to decide which one is best suited to your goals and lifestyle – keep reading on!
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Comparing the Benefits of Each Product

Lean Whey Protein

Lean Whey Protein is a dairy-based protein powder supplement. High in fast absorbing complete protein, while also being low in carbohydrates and fat. Our lean protein contains BCAA’s to help fuel your body for intense training, as well as also containing vitamin D for strong health bones, and immunity. It is batch tested for banned substances making it suitable for competitive athletes subjected to drug testing. Lean Protein is designed for people looking for a convenient and affordable protein supplement to support lean muscle building, sustainable weight loss and improved muscle repair & recovery. Whey protein is a great option for those people who are able to consume dairy products. Whey is the most bioavailable protein source, and an extremely popular option for those looking for a protein supplement. Our Lean Protein contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners, the great taste and flavours are all 100% natural. Our clean and lean formulas are perfect for anybody trying to live a healthier life without compromising on taste or convenience.

Plant Power Protein

Plant Power Protein is a plant-based protein, made from a blend of pea and rice proteins. It is high in protein & low in carbs and fat, making it a great dairy-free alternative to traditional dairy based protein supplements. Plant Power Protein also contains probiotics, vitamin D and vitamin B12; giving it the additional benefits of improved gut health, immunity, bone health and energy levels! Blending the pea and rice proteins together creates a complete protein source that is perfect for building and toning lean muscle, assisting muscle recovery and supporting healthy weight loss. Pea protein is highly satiating, meaning it helps you to feel fuller for longer. This makes our Plant Power Protein the perfect snack or addition to your meals to manage hunger & cravings, and achieve your weight loss goals. No artificial flavours or sweeteners – just natural ingredients that taste great. A creamy, silky smooth texture that is nothing like any other plant protein you’ve ever tried!

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