Protein Chia Seed Pudding! – Recipe

Our favourite easy, nutritious & delicious recipe that works perfectly for both breakfast or dessert!

This chia pudding recipe has been my ‘go to’ over the past few weeks! Chia seeds are extremely nutritious, containing protein, omega 3 fats, fibre, calcium and many other micronutrients. Adding a serving of our Plant Power Protein not only adds some great flavour, but also boosts the protein intake, and adds probiotics & vitamin D + B12. This recipe is great to make the night before if you don’t have much time for breakfast in the morning. Easy to eat on the go if you need to!
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chia pudding recipe:

protein | omega 3 | fibre | calcium | probiotics | vitamin D + B12 | long lasting energy


3Tbsp Chia Seeds (black or white or mix)
1/2 – 1 Scoop Plant Protein
10Tbsp Plant Milk (soy/coconut/almond/oat etc)
Dash of maple syrup/other sweetener
Granola or other optional toppings (see below)

Optional – cocoa powder, frozen berries, peanut butter, shredded coconut, nuts&seeds etc


 – Mix chia seeds & protein powder (+ cocoa if using), add milk & mix
– Leave in fridge for ~5/10 minutes
– Take out and stir to mix again
– Add a dash of maple syrup and mix
– Leave for a further 10 minutes or overnight/few hours if needed

Serve with optional toppings such as granola, berries, fresh fruit, nut butters etc if wanted.

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