Anita Stayed Busy And Kept Healthy!

Anita Stayed Busy And Kept Healthy!

Anita Greene's Inline Nutrition Journey

As most of you will know, my mum - Anita has kindly taken part in our little Inline Nutrition trial.
This trial consisted of Anita taking Inline Nutrition Lean Whey Protein Powder twice daily for 6-8 weeks. Anita added a scoop into her porridge for breakfast and a scoop into a shake or yogurt for an afternoon snack. Anita also had a window of eating between 10 am - 8 pm and a fasting window of 14 hours.

These are the main benefits highlighted by Anita from her experience with the Inline Nutrition trial:

  • More consistent energy throughout the day
  • No cravings for sweet food
  • No grazing throughout the day or late at night
  • 3 kg of weight loss (without cutting out alcohol)
  • Improved sleep
  • A tastier way to consume bland foods such as oats and plain yogurt
"I have had such a lovely experience throughout my Inline Nutrition journey. I highly recommend people use Inline Nutrition's Lean Whey Protein Powder on a daily basis!"
 - Anita Greene
Thank you, Anita, for taking part in this little experiment. We appreciate your enthusiasm and continued support for Inline Nutrition. 

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