5 Simple ideas to get you back into a healthy routine after the holidays

5 Simple ideas to get you back into a healthy routine after the holidays

We all like to relax and let ourselves go a bit over the Summer break. But now that we are back into the swing of working life it can sometimes be hard to shake the unhealthy habits that sneak their way into our daily routines.

Do not stress! We have come up with 5 simple things to get you back into a healthy routine and will help you shed those extra Christmas pounds!


1. Write yourself a weekly exercise and meal plan 

Having your days planned out for you makes it harder for you to skip the gym or opt for takeaways for dinner. A plan will keep you motivated and you may also find it will save you time and money in the long run!


2. Find a workout buddy

Who doesn't like working out with a bestie? Find a friend who is as serious about getting in shape as you are. If you plan to workout with a friend it also means you are more likely not to make up an excuse for not training.


3. Do exercise you enjoy 

This may seem super simple but a lot people who want to get in shape end up punishing themselves by doing long hours on the treadmill or other activities they don't enjoy. 30min of high intensity exercise, 3 x a week is all you need to lose weight and get in shape. Find exercise you love to do and then you will look forward to working out rather than dreading it. 


4. Ensure you are getting enough protein in every meal 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner should all contain sufficient amounts of protein. We find a lot of people are missing protein out of their breakfasts. This then means they are going crazy on the snacks in the afternoon or pre dinner and are unable to lose weight. Having protein for breakfast will mean that you will stay full and crave less throughout the day.


5. Make sure you are getting 8hrs of sleep a night 

A large trend we are seeing at the moment is people looking for products that are going to give them energy and wake them up. A simple answer to this is to get a good nights sleep. When the body is well rested it means we are more likely to eat less throughout the day and less likely to binge on unhealthy foods. Therefore if you get enough sleep you are more likely to be a healthier and happier version of you.


We hope these tips help you get back into a healthy routine for 2018 and live your best life! If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to leave a comment below x



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