Amber-Marie; nutritionist, health coach and recipe creator extraordinaire

Amber-Marie; nutritionist, health coach and recipe creator extraordinaire

Today I sat down with Amber-Marie our nutrition-coach to learn a bit more about the women behind the amazing recipes and to get some of her best advice for people struggling with weight loss.


 Give us a bit of insight into where you are from and who you are:


Most of my life has been spent in Dunedin but I grew up in Riverton, down south. I have a degree in Food Science and more recently one in Human Nutrition.

I have two teenagers and through my food journey I have discovered that it is important to be a good role model to my family in terms of my eating choices. Educating them to set them up for good eating habits i.e. no point me wanting KFC each week – she laughs jokingly.

This year Amber-Marie has started her 8-week ‘Better Eating’ programmes for groups in Dunedin and has also developed 10 weeks worth of meal plans for the ‘Inline Summer Shape Up Series’. Which I can tell you first hand the recipes are amazingly delicious, simple to create, not to mention healthy and well balanced.

 For more info on Amber-Maries programme click here


How would you best describe your approach to healthy living?


Always go for nutrient dense food that supports your individual needs. Enjoy food, get back into the kitchen and learn some new skills. Understand what your body needs. Have fun with food and entertainment. Love the challenge of producing healthy food that tastes great and works for the whole family.


What is the most common mistake you find people make when trying to lose weight?


Restricting their intake of food e.g. eating less but not focusing on the food that supports weight loss and well being


Can you elaborate on that a bit please?


To maximise your bodies fat burning ability you need to be consuming a high amount of protein in your diet along side good fats, fibre from lots of veges and fruit and a small portion of unrefined carbs.


What would your best advice be to someone struggling with his or her weight loss?


Lean about portion sizes and serving amounts that your body needs each day and have fun creating new food plans to develop better habits.


Thats great advice.

In your experience what is the best time of day to take Inline protein powder?


The morning is shown to be the most beneficial time to set you up for the day and means that you are less likely to fall off the track later on in the day.

More breakfast = less hungry later on


Anything else you want to touch on?


Refined sugar.

Totally on board with that (meaning lack of it in our diets). Refined sugars offer no benefit to the system. And carbs can be found in more nutrient dense foods such as oats, bananas and carrots that are all full of vitamins and fibre.


And also the stigma around healthy eating being expensive.

There is a bit of a myth that surrounds this, yes steak and salmon all are quite costly however mixing it up with the odd tin of chickpeas or lentils balances the budget out. Also there is the potential to save money when you are not over eating, I think we are all guilty of that to some degree.


What is your favourite recipe using Inline protein powder?

Choc, banana and peanut butter smoothie bowl.

An awesome combination that is super easy to whip up!

(See recipe below)

Breakfast: Chocolate smoothie with banana and almonds

I guarantee you will love this decadent smoothie bowl. Plenty of quality protein here with yoghurt, protein powder and peanuts while oats provide slow release energy to keep you on track all morning!!


o 200mls of low fat plan yoghurt
 or skim milk

o 1 scoop of Inline Chocolate protein powder

o 2 tsp. of peanut butter

o 1⁄4 C rolled oats

o 1⁄2 frozen banana chopped

o 1⁄2 fresh banana chopped

o 1 tsp. of chopped almonds


  • Blend top 5 ingredients in a food bullet or blender until smooth (should be lovely and thick)
  • Transfer to bowl/glass, decorate with freshly sliced bananas and chopped almonds



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