Interview with the Owner and Founder of Barre Base, Rosa Anderson-Jones

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Interview with the Owner and Founder of Barre Base, Rosa Anderson-Jones

In today's blog, we are talking with Rosa Anderson-Jones - owner and founder of Barre Base. 

For those of you who don't know, Barre Base is a mixture of conditioning exercises including Pilates, yoga, and functional body-weight training. Rosa started Barre Base in Dunedin four years ago and the company has recently moved into a lovely new studio located at 7 Crawford Street, Dunedin. Barre Base encompasses more than a form of exercise, the staff also advocate for local businesses and are passionate about fuelling and nourishing our bodies with nutrients. 

I have personally done quite a few classes with Barre Base and they are the perfect level of challenge. At a time when I was injured and could not run as often, these classes were a fantastic way to build and maintain leg strength whilst being low impact on my joints. Barre Base also improved my flexibility and toned my arms and core. The fantastic, upbeat music and friendly teachers were a welcome distraction from my burning muscles and heavy breathing!

Thank you for joining us today Rosa...


Firstly, what motivated you to start Barre Base?

I have danced my whole life and been a big sports enthusiast. I played all the sports I could throughout school, and remember swapping from my jazz shoes into my rugby boots in the car on the way to Pirates Rugby Club.

When I graduated from University, I wanted to stay in Dunedin. With few opportunities in Communications/Media in Dunedin for a new-grad at the time, I decided to start my own business to put my uni skills to test. I sat down, decided on what my skills and strengths were, and started Barre Base. Tamzin Motion (the co-founder) and I created a program and kicked off classes at a community hall. Four years on, everything is pretty different!


How has Barre Base grown since its inception?

Our recent move into our own studio is fairly indicative of the growth of the business. Form renting church halls by the hour, to sharing a space… and now signing a long-term lease in our own studio in Crawford St.

The team and I have also worked hard to diversify the program to offer our clients different options throughout the week. We now have five class types that cater to different levels and tastes. We also began memberships this year, which I was a little nervous about trying. These have been overwhelmingly positive, and we now have people treating Barre Base as their ‘main’ fitness facility, rather than solely a bit on the side. We have five staff at the studio now too to cater to demand. I am so proud of the team.


Who is your target market? And whom would you recommend to give Barre a go?

This is tough! Barre truly is for everyone. We’ve spent years marketing that

1) Barre Base isn’t a dance class and
2) you don’t need to be an ex-dancer, or a young fit-female, to fit in.

We have clients from 16-80! One of our oldest clients is an absolute legend who does yoga and barre four times a week. Her theory is ‘never stop moving.’

Men and women attend barre classes too for a multitude of reasons — from weight loss, mobility or to strengthening their bodies postpartum to name a few.  

Albeit a challenge, barre is low-impact. Therefore it’s great for those who’re looking for a gentle way to workout. It’s amazing how you can get your heart rate up without running or jumping.

If you’re nervous, then give us a message. I can assure you that you won’t feel out of place. Our studio is very welcoming, and the clients are the best. I often see client’s chatting to their neighbor and giving each other help and support. It’s very rewarding to see a positive community being built.


What are your personal views on nutrition, exercise, and overall health? Do you believe they are intertwined?

Of course. You can’t have one without the other. Most Kiwi’s have heard of hauora — for me, this is a guiding principle in my life. I was lucky to grow up in an active and balanced household. Mum is a great cook and is extremely resourceful. My grandparents are in their 80s and still walk through Ross Creek every day for 2 hours. So wellness is fairly inherent for me.

My tips are to keep it simple. Eat food that makes you feel good, and find a type of exercise you truly enjoy. There are so many options out there these days, so rather than force yourself to endure exercise you don’t enjoy, shop around until you find something right for you.


Many of our customers at Inline Nutrition have weight loss and toning at the forefront of their goals. How can Barre Base help our customers achieve these goals?

We never push this at the forefront of our marketing. For me, these results come from consistently sticking to exercise you love. Many of our clients have found these results from coming to classes — however what they’ve found is happiness, energy, strength, and mobility. Barre is known for being fantastic for toning the body, just like all strength training. But we hope that you can gain much more than this through our classes.


What are your future plans/goals for Barre Base?

We’ve had a lot of people show interest in our classes in Central Otago. This is something we totally consider doing in the future, however, our initial energy is going into our Dunedin studio.

Slowly but surely we are creating a beautiful space that our clients can enjoy. We want to add more classes to our timetable and keep creating new programs to keep our clients challenged and excited.


And lastly, what has brought you the most joy from starting and growing Barre Base?

Our community!

I have met some truly amazing people through creating this business — and some lifelong friends from all over the globe. We have an amazing team here at Barre Base, and I am immensely proud of the team and grateful for their passion and energy. They set the tone in our classes, and clients feed off this. This energy is cyclic. It’s extremely positive, inclusive and fun environment.

Thank you for your time Rosa!

 I encourage everyone to give Barre a go! If you're in Dunedin, head on down to 7 Crawford Street. The Barre Base timetable can be found here.

Or if you're already a member of Barre Base - check out our Barre Base member's discount code for 10% off your next Inline Nutrition order! *Minimum purchase of $32.00.


 Check out this tasty recipe - Vanilla Berry Bliss Balls. Created by Rosa using Inline Lean Vanilla-Berry Protein Powder.

And read here about why Barre Base loves Inline Nutrition Protein!


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December 24, 2018

Great interview, Rosa is an incredible woman with a tonne of integrity and energy. Thanks Jess!

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