Stay Busy and Keep Healthy!

Stay Busy and Keep Healthy!

Introducing Anita Greene (my mum)...

Anita's current profession is selling real estate for Metro Realty. Prior to Real Estate Anita was a full-time Image Consultant in her own business, Reflect Image Consulting. As an image consultant and now a real estate agent, Anita has always been part of a world where "image is everything".

Recently she has found it difficult to eat balanced meals and maintain a regular eating schedule as she is always on the go wheeling and dealing in today's hectic housing market. As a result, Anita's nutrition has taken a back seat. She finds she will miss important meals and ends up snacking on whatever she can find when she gets home late at night from a busy day working. Her protein intake is minimal and she reaches for unsatisfying, carbohydrate-rich snacks. In an effort to avoid a winter hibernation body, she has come to us for some help.

Over the next 6 weeks, Anita will incorporate 2 servings of Inline Nutrition protein powder into her diet. One serving with her porridge in the morning and another serving in a smoothie for an afternoon snack. This will help Anita keep fuller for longer so that if she does miss an important meal throughout the day, she will be better able to curb her late night cravings and maintain balanced energy levels. The ultimate aim is to educate Anita on the importance of including a clean protein product in her diet and to lose weight.

Anita will continue her regular exercise routine of 2-3 sessions per week at Am I Fit in Dunedin. 

Keep an eye out for her weekly posts on both her Reflect Image and Metro Realty Facebook pages. And if you're looking to buy or sell... Anita is your lady!

Good Luck Anita! We can't wait to monitor your progress and track your journey with you. The whole team at Inline is rooting for you!


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