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Essential Vitamins

Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are both essential for optimal health.

Having low levels or deficiency in either one of them can result in serious health consequences.

Our Lean Whey Protein contains 100% of the daily RDI for vitamin D, and we designed our range of Plant Power Protein to contain 100% of the daily RDI for both vitamin D and B12. This means that a daily serving of our protein powders are a great way to not only boost your protein intake, but also boost your intake of essential vitamins at the same time. The importance of these 2 vitamins on our overall health and wellbeing are often overlooked or underestimated – keep reading to learn more about the specific effects of these vitamins and how they can help us be healthier and happier!

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Vitamin D

What Is Vitamin D & How Do We Get It?

Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that we need to maintain a healthy body. Vitamin D is commonly referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. This is because when we expose our skin to direct sunlight it allows our body to convert the vitamin precursors into the active form, Vitamin D3. 

Although some foods do contain vitamin D, the amount that most people consume through their diet is very low. This means that we rely heavily on sunlight exposure to provide us with the required amount of vitamin D. Unfortunately, for many of us living in New Zealand, we aren’t lucky enough to get consistent sun exposure all year round. Throughout the winter months in particular, many New Zealanders are at high risk of developing vitamin D deficiency.  

What Happens When We Don’t Get Enough?

Low levels or deficiency of vitamin D can have serious health consequences. Vitamin D is required for strong & healthy bones, without adequate levels, bones can become weak and are more likely to be damaged or broken. This is largely due to the fact that vitamin D is involved in calcium absorption. Vitamin D is also involved in immunity and mood management, so ensuring we get enough throughout the year is essential for our health and wellbeing! Getting sick and feeling a little bit low is common throughout the winter months – this is due to a combination of many different factors, but low levels of vitamin D can also play a part! 

What Is The Solution?

Since our food provides negligible amounts of vitamin D, and sunlight exposure is often limited at certain times throughout the year, the only way to actually ensure you are getting enough of this vitamin all year round is through supplementation.

Both our Lean Whey Protein and our Plant Power Protein contain 100% of your daily RDI (as shown for NZ adults aged 19-51) for vitamin D in each serving. So, with just one serving of our protein per day, you can be assured that you are getting enough vitamin D to keep you healthy all year round! In the warmer months and seasons – skin exposure to direct sunlight may be enough to fulfil your vitamin D requirements (depending on your individual lifestyle). But taking a regular vitamin D supplement is a great way to ensure that no matter what the weather, we’ve got you covered! 

Vitamin B12

What Is Vitamin B12?

B12 is a trace vitamin that we only require tiny amounts of, but if we don’t get enough for our requirements – it can lead to a dangerous deficiency. Vitamin B12 is extremely important for a healthy body and nervous system, but B12 deficiency is actually one of the most common nutritional deficiencies.

What Happens When We Don’t Get Enough?

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to a range of symptoms including fatigue, weakness, forgetfulness, and tingling in the hands and feet. Sufficient levels of B12 are essential for normal red blood cell production. Without enough B12, a condition known as megaloblastic anemia can occur. This form of anemia effects oxygen transport throughout the body and can result in low energy and muscle fatigue. B12 is also essential for a healthy nervous system, without enough B12 the protective coating around our nerves cannot be formed. This can lead to symptoms that are usually observed as an unexplained tingling or numb feeling in the hands and feet.

What Is The Solution?

B12 is almost exclusively found in animal products (i.e. meat, dairy, eggs), so for people who are reducing or eliminating animal products from their diet – a B12 supplement is highly recommended. However, B12 deficiency is not limited to only those who consume a plant-based diet, many people who eat a standard diet are also discovering they have low levels and stores. Many food products in the supermarkets are now being fortified with B12 in an attempt to increase population B12 intake – but the only reliable and measured way to ensure you are getting enough B12 to meet your requirements is to take a regular supplement.  

Our range of Plant Power Protein contains 100% of the RDI for B12 in each 25g serving. This means just one daily serving of our protein will provide you will all the B12 you need, giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about deficiency and the associated negative health consequences.

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