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Clever New Zealanders use protein powder for better recovery

We have the best whey protein and vegan protein powder to fuel muscle repair and recovery!

Muscle recovery and repair plays an important role in your performance and progress as an athlete. What you do for your body outside of training is equally as important as the work you do in training.
Providing your body with the right amount of protein at the right times is key for maximizing muscle recovery and giving your body the best opportunity to repair and prepare for your next game or training session. A high-quality protein powder supplement is a great tool that allows you to easily increase your protein intake when needed and is a convenient way to consume protein post-workout or whenever you are short on time.
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If you’re looking for the best protein powder for muscle repair & recovery that’s made in NZ, check out our whey protein powder or vegan protein powder

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Clever New Zealanders use Protein Powder for Better Recovery

When we exercise, the strain on our muscles causes microscopic tears to our muscle fibers/cells. The process of repairing these tears is when our muscles become bigger and stronger. Amino acids (from protein) in the bloodstream are then used as building blocks for new muscle tissue. Without adequate supplies of protein at the right time, our muscles are unable to repair and recovery effectively, and we will fail to see the best results we’re looking for in our training.

  • Inline protein powders are perfect for repairing your muscles post-workout or training.
  • Our products are loaded with high-quality protein that is highly bioavailable and easily utilized by the body.
  • Our protein powders are complete sources of protein, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids, which can quickly get to work refueling and repairing your hard-working muscles.
  • For those people looking to improve their athletic performance or strength, increased protein intake will provide the fuel and building blocks needed to see results.
  • Muscles need access to amino acids in order for them to start the repair process, so having a source of protein before or after working out / training is a great way to jumpstart the recovery process.

Depending on your individual goals and training load, 1 – 2 servings of protein powder a day would be the usual recommended intake. While protein powder is a great way to easily consume high-quality protein, it shouldn’t replace all other sources of protein in your meals. Continue eating protein from your food as usual, and simply use protein powder as a post workout supplement, or to boost the protein content of meals that may be lacking. Many agree that we offer some of the best meal supplement shakes available in NZ.

Post Workout:

  • After exercise, you need to refuel your body with protein and carbohydrates to assist in the muscle recovery and repair process.
  • For optimal recovery, having a meal or snack that contains a decent amount of protein post-workout/training is a good idea.
  • Exercise and training damage your muscle fibres, they require protein (amino acids) in order to repair and strengthen.
  • A protein shake is a convenient and effective way to get high-quality protein in asap after training, to maximise muscle repair.
  • You can also use a protein powder by adding it to meals/snacks such as smoothies, oats, pancakes, baking etc.
  • Your body will continue to repair your muscle fibers long after you finish training.


  • Protein powders (either in a shake or added to a meal) are a quick and easy way to make sure you start the day with a good protein source.
  • Having a good source of protein in each meal throughout the day is important as it provides your muscles with the fuel & materials they need to repair.
  • If you don’t usually eat breakfast, having a protein shake is a simple way to boost your protein intake without needing to eat a big meal.
  • If you love breakfast, try adding a serving of protein powder to your smoothie/oats/pancakes etc to make them more nutritious and filling.
  • After fasting (not eating) overnight, it is important to provide your body with high-quality fuel to start the day right!

Throughout the Day:

  • Having good sources of protein spread throughout the day is very important for providing constant fuel to your body and muscles.
  • Many people struggle to have a balanced protein intake, tending to have lower protein meals in the morning, and higher protein meals later in the day.
  • An evenly spread of protein throughout the day is best for optimal muscle recovery, as it provides you with a constant supply of protein (amino acids). 
  • Splitting your daily protein intake into 3-4 seperate meals/snacks allows for more realistic food choices, and make it easier for you to digest & utilise.
  • A quick & convenient way to use protein powders is to have a protein shake. This is the perfect option if you are looking for a fast and easy way to get protein in post-workout.
  • You can bring a serving of the powder with you to the gym, and then simply mix it with water when you’re finished.
  • You can also try adding a serving of protein powder into other meals and recipes! Smoothies, oats, pancakes, baking, bliss balls etc. 
  • With our range of delicious flavours, we’re sure you’ll find something that works perfectly for you. Check out our recipes for more inspiration! 

A quick google search for ‘protein powder’ will show you hundreds of options for different products, all designed for similar purposes. It can be hard to know which one is right for you.

  • Here at Inline we pride ourselves on our simple and high-quality ingredients, we have no hidden nasties, no added sugar or artificial flavours & sweeteners.
  • Our products taste great 100% naturally. Our no fuss formulations provide you with all the goodness you need, and nothing you don’t.

Lean Protein Range:

  • Our Lean Protein powders are batch tested by an independent drug testing company. This testing is conducted to ensure our products are 100% free from banned substances such as performance-enhancing drugs, including anabolic steroids, stimulants, THG, nandrolone, MDMA and many other substances. This testing is essential for competitive athletes who are subject to drug testing, and provides peace of mind about exactly what is and isn’t in your supplements. 
  • Our Lean Protein range is supplemented with Vitamin D (100% of the NZ adult daily RDI), to boost immunity, and strengthen bones.

Plant Power Protein Range:

  • Contain high-strength & high-quality probiotics and vitamin D which boost immunity and help maximise recovery and repair.
  • Dairy & gluten free making it suitable for people with allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • A source of complete plant protein – containing all 9 essential amino acids for muscle repair and development.

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