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  • Our lean chocolate is the perfect option for chocolate lovers out there! When you unlock the seal of a fresh bag you will be hit with the instant aroma of rich cocoa. It mixes nice and easy with your choice of milk or water and has a very smooth and creamy mouth feel that will leave you feeling energised and refreshed after the hardest of gym sessions.

    All Natural
    100% safe - batch tested for PED's
    24 grams of protein per serve
    Sourced in New Zealand

  • Gluten free
    No added sugar
    No GMOs
    Added vitamin D
    Low in fats, carbs, calories
    Complete source of protein

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
    Keeps you fuller for longer
    Helps to curb cravings
    Helps to build lean muscle
    Aids muscle recovery
    For healthy bones, muscles, cartilage, skin
  • Ingredients:

    WPI, WPC, Cocoa Powder, Rice Starch, Natural Flavours, Xantham/Guar Gum, Stevia, Vitamin D3

    Nutritional Information (Average)
    Serving Size: 30g


    Per Serve


    Per 100g

    Energy (kj) 487 kJ 1603 kJ
    Energy (calories) 116 cal 383 cal
    Protein (g) 24 g 79 g
    Fat - Total (g) 0.8 g 2.6 g
    Fat - Saturated (g) 0.5 g 1.6 g
    Carbohydrate - Total (g) 2.2 g 7.3 g
    Carbohydrate - Sugars (g) 0.6 g 2 g
    Sodium (mg) 167 mg 551 mg
    Vitamin D (µg) 5 µg 16.7 µg
    Branch Chain Amino Acids (mg) 5781 mg 19271 mg

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