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  • Lean Whey Protein – Vanilla 30g Sample

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NZ’s Natural Lean Probiotic Whey Protein Powders with Vitamin D

The simple and clean ingredients inside our lean whey protein are perfectly formulated to help you build & tone lean muscle, assist with weight management, improve muscle recovery and maintain healthy bones. All natural with no hidden nasties, making it the most delicious and nutritious way to nourish your body from the inside out.

Each serving of Lean Protein contains 24g of highly bioavailable whey protein, including whey protein isolate, as well as gut loving probiotics and 100% of your daily vitamin D requirements*. Whey protein is fast digesting and easily absorbed by the human body. A complete source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, whey protein is also high in BCAA’s which are great for supporting muscle repair. Probiotics are hugely beneficial for gut health, digestion and immunity. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system.

* NZ RDI for 19 – 50 year olds (5 micrograms)

Our Lean Protein powders contains no added sugars, artificial flavours or sweeteners. We use all natural ingredients to ensure the cleanest and healthiest product possible. Our products don’t just taste great, they’ll leave you feeling amazing too!

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Curious about whey protein powder benefits?

Our lean protein is perfect for anyone looking to increase their lean muscle mass, or to strengthen and tone their body. Whey protein is the most bioavailable protein of them all, meaning it is quickly absorbed and easily utilised by the body and muscles. Since whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids, it is the perfect protein source to refuel your muscles post workout, and ensure they have everything they need to recover and grow. Whey protein is also high in BCAA’s, which help to maintain muscle integrity throughout your workouts. Having a protein shake post-workout is a great way to refuel your body and give your muscles the best possible chance to recover and grow. 

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Protein is extremely helpful when it comes to losing weight and managing hunger and cravings. A high protein meal/snack will keep you fuller for longer, helping to curb cravings and reduce unnecessary snacking between meals. A high protein intake will also help to maintain lean muscle, allowing your body to burn more calories, and giving you the strong, toned physique you’re wanting. Try adding a serving of protein to your breakfast to keep you feeling satiated all morning, and to prevent overeating later in the day. If breakfast isn’t for you, having a protein shake in the afternoon or after exercising is a great way to boost your daily protein intake and keep you on track towards your weight loss goals.

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To see the best performance results, you need to consider both your training AND your recovery. Inline whey protein is perfectly designed to assist in muscle repair and recovery post-workout or in between training. High in all nine essential amino acids, our protein can quickly get to work repairing your hard working muscles. Getting enough protein in your diet is essential for maintaining strong, functional muscle tissue. Without adequate protein, lean muscle will be broken down and your progress will be halted. Lean Protein is a convenient way to boost your daily intake of protein, either through a protein shake after exercise, or by adding a serving of protein powder to your meals/snacks (e.g. Smoothies, oats, baking). The BCAA’s in our lean protein also help to protect your muscles during workouts, providing them with fuel to work hard and push to your maximum potential. 

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We made the decision to supplement our Lean Protein with Vitamin D since it is a vitamin that many New Zealander’s are lacking. Vitamin D can be difficult to get from our food alone, since most foods contain only trace amounts. Luckily our bodies can synthesise vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight, which is great; if you get enough sunlight… Unfortunately, many of us living in New Zealand (especially those of us in the South Island), often struggle to get enough sunlight all year round. Throughout the winter months, low levels of vitamin D are very common, and the only way to reliably correct this is through supplementation. Low levels of vitamin D can cause issues for bone health and strength, severe vitamin D deficiency can cause osteomalacia (softening of the bones) or rickets in young children. This is because vitamin D is involved in calcium absorption. Vitamin D has also been shown to be involved with the immune system, and in regulating mood. 

Each serving of Lean Protein contains 5 micrograms of vitamin D, which is 100% of the daily requirements for adults aged 19-50*. So one daily serve of Lean Protein will ensure you are getting sufficient vitamin D to keep you healthy and prevent you from any of the negative health outcomes associated with low vitamin D levels. 

*(Please note, having multiple servings of Lean Protein in one day will not result in an overload of vitamin D causing any negative health effects).

Wherever you are in NZ, whether you’re in Wellington or Invercargill, you can buy whey protein powder online in our shop. If you’re interested in vegan protein, check out our Plant Power Protein page.


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